Wellhead casing manufacturer
2019 August1

Common Parts Found in a Wellhead – Part 2

Last month in part 1 of Common Parts Found in a Wellhead, we described the following common parts found in a wellhead, including casing spools, casing hangars, casing head, bowl protector, and wellhead bushings. Here are some additional common elements ...

Pipe flanges
2019 July8

5 ANSI Flanges Used in the Oil/Gas Industries

Ultimately all ANSI flanges used in the oil and gas industries are pipe flanges, there are just several different types of pipe flanges used in different situations. Here are five of the most common ANSI flanges used in the oil/gas ...

Pressure vessel connection companies
2019 July8

What Are Some of the Uses for Pressure Vessels?

A pressure vessel is basically a container designed to keep a liquid or gas under high pressure. Some examples of common pressure vessels are propane tanks for your home gas grill, the tank for the air compressor in your garage, ...

API wellhead component manufacturing
2019 July1

Common Parts Found in a Wellhead – Part 1

Wellheads are complex components involving many different working pieces. Here are some of the common elements found in a wellhead casing made by a wellhead casing manufacturer. Casing Spools A wellhead casing spool is used in a wellhead casing to ...