Butt Weld Connections

As butt weld connection manufacturers, we can provide fittings that play an essential role in the creation, processing, transportation and use of gases, liquids and other fluids, including chemical compounds, in the exploration and production of oil and gas. Our connections are used in the transport, storage, and refining of fuel, and the production and distribution of both fossil and nuclear fuel, capturing geothermal energy, and the transportation and the storage of produce or frozen foods.

How Butt Weld Connections are Used

Countless other operations are necessary for desalination of seawater to potable water in areas of the earth where this is a critical element of sustainability. Everything from pharmaceuticals to semiconductors and microchips for the heartbeat of communications in our modern world; and the vestiges of the ancient world, in producing paper from pulp, up through the post-modern world of silicon and plastics — for roofing tiles and glass windows, to copper wires and the electricity that runs through them.

What are Butt Weld Connections?

Connecting pipes by fitting them together through butt-welding, rather than by bolting them with flanges, can call for up to 75% less material, which represents substantial savings in material costs with less weight. A welded form also uses less space and has greater flexibility in design, but can have greater tensile strength, and with no rough edges or pockets there is less friction, resistance, turbulence, and optimum flow with no loss of pressure.

By applying heat and pressure, a seamless fitting can be formed into a specific shape, with no welded parts, which is essential in certain very critical applications. Contact us at 281-441-4088 to start your project.

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