Pressure vessel connection companies
2019 July8

What Are Some of the Uses for Pressure Vessels?

A pressure vessel is basically a container designed to keep a liquid or gas under high pressure. Some examples of common pressure vessels are propane tanks for your home gas grill, the tank for the air compressor in your garage, ...

API wellhead component manufacturing
2019 July1

Common Parts Found in a Wellhead – Part 1

Wellheads are complex components involving many different working pieces. Here are some of the common elements found in a wellhead casing made by a wellhead casing manufacturer. Casing Spools A wellhead casing spool is used in a wellhead casing to ...

Wellhead component suppliers casing pipe
2019 June10

What is a Casing Pipe?

A casing pipe or casing string is a series of long sections of connected pipe–about 40 feet long–that are lowered into the wellbore of an oil well in order to prevent the collapse of the borehole as it is being ...

Pressure vessel connection custom fitting – Christmas trees
2019 June3

What is a Christmas Tree on an Oil Well?

A Christmas tree is used by petroleum and natural gas industries to regulate the flow in the pipes of an oil or gas well. It is a complex assembly of valves, spools and fittings that looks similar to a lit ...

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