2018 September5

5 Qualities of Excellent Pipe Flanges

A pipe flange is an important part of any pipeline system and needs to be high-quality in order to meet the demanding environment these forged components live in. Customizable Excellent pipe flanges are customizable. Because all flanges act as a ...

Seamless custom pressure vessel connections
2018 August5

3 Benefits of Purchasing Seamless Custom Pressure Vessel Connections

Seamless custom pressure vessel connections have many advantages over purchasing the connection components separately. Here are some of these benefits: Lower Cost Producing one solid part costs less than managing the requisition, purchase and fulfillment of three separate parts. The ...

Pressure vessel components manufacturers
2018 July31

The 3 Major Components of a Pressure Vessel

A pressure vessel is a container, typically a tank, used to contain liquids or gases at pressures extremely different from that outside of the pressure vessel. There are three major components of a pressure vessel: Shell Casing Every pressure vessel ...

Blind flanges
2018 July31

What are Blind Flanges?

Blind flanges are used primarily in the oil and gas industries in the construction of pipelines. They have a very simple function: to completely block off a pipeline. How are Blind Flanges Constructed? Blind flanges are solid walls of metal ...

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