Examples of ANSI large diameter flanges produced at FCI, the world’s premier large diameter flange manufacturers
2020 July1

What Are Large Diameter Flanges and What Are They Used For?

Large diameter flanges are designed to the ASME B16.47 standard and can be manufactured out of any steel material grade. They come in flange faces that include: RTJ (Ring Type Joint) RF (Raised Face) FF (Flat Face) Custom made large ...

Examples of ANSI flanges produced at FCI, the world’s premier ANSI flange manufacturers
2020 June1

What Are Some of the Most Common ANSI Flanges?

The oil, gas, and petrochemical industries use many different types of ANSI flanges for piping systems, with each type used in specific situations in order to maximize the life of the flange, ease of installation, and overall cost. Long Weld ...

Example of the ASME pressure vessel components forging process
2020 May8

What is the Difference Between the Casting and Forging Process?

On the surface, the casting process and the forging process may seem very similar. Both involve the use of red-hot metal, and both are industrial processes that require a lot of energy to complete, but there are some fundamental differences ...

Block for block forging performed at a forged component manufacturer
2020 May8

What Is Industrial Block Forging?

Block forging can be broken down into two different types: open die block forging and closed die block forging. This type of forging is frequently called drop forging because the metal block is shaped by raising and then dropping a ...

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