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2018 March2

Design Considerations in ASME Flanges for Pressure Vessel Connection Manufacturers

Pressure vessel manufacturers have a wealth of ANSI industrial flanges to choose from. But which pressure vessel connections are right for you? Here are three flange design considerations for ASME pressure vessel connections manufacturing: Materials Steel is the most common ...

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2018 February27

Types of Stainless Steel

If you need stainless steel custom pressure vessel connections, make sure you choose the right material with these four types of stainless steel: Austenitic Austenitic stainless steels contain nickel, manganese, and/or nitrogen to create an austenitic crystalline structure similar to ...

Forged Components subsea connections manufacturer
2018 February5

High-Carbon vs. Low-Carbon Steels for Forged Flanges

Carbon steel is a type of steel with 0.4% or less copper content, 1.65% or less manganese, and 0.6% or less silicon, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute. Carbon steel is divided into two general groups with different ...

Forged Components ANSI industrial flanges manufacturers
2018 January29

CNC Machined vs. Forged Vessel Components

API wellhead component forging and custom CNC machining connections for pressure vessels are both popular in ASME pressure vessel connections manufacturing. Forging involves squeezing metal between two molds: a moving mold called a tool and a stationary mold called a ...

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