ASME pressure vessel connections manufacturing
2019 April10

Forged Components Releases Benefits Sheet for ASME Pressure Vessel Connections Forging

Forged Components Inc. (FCI) has released a sheet listing the benefits of getting ASME pressure vessel connections forging needs met by FCI. Why select us? Forged Components is one of the world leaders in ASME pressure vessel connections manufacturing. What ...

Blow-out preventer from-wellhead-casing-manufacturer
2019 April5

Types of Blow-Out Preventers

Blowout preventers, also known as BOPs, are crucial for the safety of your crew, rig and the environment as they provide a fail-safe to the systems in use. There are several categories of blowout preventers: ram, and annular. In many ...

Equipment from a wellhead casing manufacturer
2019 March11

What are 5 of the Most Common Wellhead Casing Components?

As one of the world’s leading wellhead casing manufacturers, Forged Components understands the needs for wellhead casings and other wellhead components used by the petroleum and natural gas production industries. We manufacture most of them. Here are some of the ...

Underwater Subsea connections manufacturer
2019 March4

What is a Subsea Connections Manufacturer?

A subsea connections manufacturer is a manufacturer who specializes in manufacturing connections and components–mainly for the petroleum and natural gas industries– such as wellheads, casings, flanges and adapters designed to be used underwater. Because the potential for environmental disaster can ...

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