2018 July5

Forged Components Inc. Announces the Launch of its Redesigned Website

Forged Components, Inc. announces the launch of its redesigned website. The site has been completely redesigned to reflect the advances of online web design, as well as the viewing requirements for mobile devices. The site has an all new look ...

Stainless steel for subsea connections manufacturing
2018 June5

The History of Stainless Steel – Part 2

Last month in part 1 of the History of Stainless Steel, we covered the details of the invention of stainless steel. This month will cover how it was accepted into wide use within the worldwide market. In the end, Harry ...

Stainless forged rings
2018 June5

The History of Stainless Steel – Part 1

Stainless steel was invented the way most innovations are, by necessity. Rust was always the enemy of steel. Anywhere steel interacted with moisture–and especially salt–created problems such as those encountered in subsea connections manufacturing. Reducing rust and corrosion in gun ...

Stainless steel use example forged flange suppliers
2018 May30

Top Uses for Stainless Steel

Why choose stainless steel for your next high-pressure flange or subsea connections manufacturing project? Aside from being strong, ductile, and resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures, stainless steel is also trusted in a wide range of industries and applications: Building ...

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