Common ANSI industrial flange at FCI
2020 September8

What Are the Common Types of ANSI Industrial Flanges?

Flanges are a key forged component used widely in the oil and gas production industries. They are used to connect two pipes together. There are two major categories of forged flanges, threaded flanges, and welded flanges. Threaded Flanges These are widely ...

Steel used by one of the premier forge flange suppliers in the world, FCI
2020 September1

Metals Used for Forged Components in the Oil and Gas Industry

There are many types of steel alloys used in the production of ANSI/ASME and API flanges in the oil & gas industry. Here are some examples of the most common ones. Carbon Steel This is by far the most common type ...

Tube sheet from a forged pressure vessel manufacturer
2020 August8

What Components are Used in a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger?

A shell and tube heat exchanger is a pressure vessel connection named after two of its major parts. The tubes mounted inside of a cylindrical shell which is used to exchange heat in oil production and chemical processes. Most shell and ...

Forging process for a forged flange supplier
2020 July8

What Are Some of the Types of Forging Processes Used by Forging Manufacturers to Produce a Flange?

In general, forging manufacturers can choose from four types of forging processes to produce a flange: Cold Forging Closed Die Block Forging (AKA Impression Die Forging) Open Die Block Forging Seamless Rolled Ring Forging   Cold Forging Where most forging ...

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