Subsea components manufacturing
2019 September8

How Subsea Wellheads for the Oil and Gas Industries are Established

One of the most important actions undertaken by companies in the oil and gas industry is exploratory mining for undersea oil and natural gas deposits. The first part of this process is using scientific data such as seismic studies and ...

Casing pipe from wellhead component suppliers
2019 September1

How Does a Mudline Suspension System Work?

A mudline suspension system is a system designed to support the considerable casing weight of a deep-sea drilling operation such as that on a floating Jack-Up Rig. The mudline suspension system transfers most of the weight via subsea connections from ...

Wellhead casing manufacturer
2019 August1

Common Parts Found in a Wellhead – Part 2

Last month in part 1 of Common Parts Found in a Wellhead, we described the following common parts found in a wellhead, including casing spools, casing hangars, casing head, bowl protector, and wellhead bushings. Here are some additional common elements ...

Pipe flanges
2019 July8

5 ANSI Flanges Used in the Oil/Gas Industries

Ultimately all ANSI flanges used in the oil and gas industries are pipe flanges, there are just several different types of pipe flanges used in different situations. Here are five of the most common ANSI flanges used in the oil/gas ...

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