Examples of long weld neck flanges produced at FCI, the world’s premier long weld neck flange manufacturer
2020 May1

What Are the Benefits of Using Long Weld Neck Flanges?

Long weld neck flanges are common specialized connections used in the energy, oil, and petrochemical industries among others. They are typically found in complex pipeline systems serving multi-level buildings and refineries. But why are they considered to be the perfect ...

Pressure vessel flanges for a frac head
2020 April8

What Are the Different Components of a Frac Head?

There are several common components used in a frac head during hydraulic fracturing operations. Frac Stacks Frac stacks are pressure vessel components that temporarily replace the production wellhead during fracking operations. These stacks protect the production wellhead from the effects of ...

natural gas compressor station that uses ASME flanges
2020 April1

What is a Natural Gas Compressor Station?

A natural gas compressor station is a part of a network of pipes, connectors and flanges designed to transport gas from the production wells to the gas consumers. Because of factors such as the distance between the well and end-user, friction, ...

Announcement for industrial flanges company acquisition
2020 March1

Forged Components Inc. (FCI) Has Acquired the Western of Texas Forge & Flange Company

Forged Components Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of the Western of Texas Forge & Flange Company. The acquisition was completed in the 4th quarter of 2019. The Western of Texas Forge & Flange Company has been in business ...

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