2014 February26

In What Shapes Can Forged Pressure Vessels be made?

In What Shapes Can Forged Pressure Vessels be made? Forged pressure vessels can be almost any shape, but shapes made of sections of spheres, cylinders, and cones are usually employed. A common design is a cylinder with endcaps called heads. ...

2014 January27

How Do I Size and Select ASME Forged Pressure Valves?

Pressure vessel nozzle manufacturing is a very intricate and custom process depending on the size and use of the pressure vessel valve. There are many variables to consider when selecting size and pressure capacity. Pressure relief valves must be selected ...

2013 December2

What Are the Advantages to using Integrally Forged Connections?

We are one of the only ASME pressure vessel forging companies that make complete one-piece forged nozzles, forged vessel components and long weld neck flanges. By being a pressure vessel components manufacturer that integrally reinforces its forged connection FCI can ...

2013 December2

FCI’s Unique, Seamless Pressure Vessel Connections Improve Safety.

Pressure vessels were invented during the industrial revolution primarily to make steam for power on trains and steamboats. From the very beginning they were employed to maintain safety for engines and operators. By holding gases or liquids at sustainably higher ...

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