Rolled Ring Forging

The forging process for seamless rolled rings begins by making a hole into a thick billet. Then, the piece is transformed into a thin ring after different machines roll and press the material. The unique manufacturing techniques prevent impact and fatigue because the forging process modifies the grain flow. We offer seamless rolled rings in cylindrical shapes, washer configurations, and flat designs.

Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

During the production process, a hole is cut into stainless steel or aluminum material. Then, the forging material is pressed into a thin ring. A rolled forged ring has a smoother surface than plate burnouts. Also, the rolled ring manufacturing process saves resources because the machines do not have to bore the area along the inner diameter. We offer numerous forging materials to our clients. They can choose carbon steel, nickel alloy, alloy steel, titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Open die forging is a process that produces rings that have a solid internal structure and good grain flow. All forged rings are made so that they meet each client’s specific specifications. If a client needs heavier rings, we will forge several products based on the client’s weight and size requirements.

CNC Machines Production for Rolled Ring Forging

We use CNC machines that are programmed to produce hundreds of rings frequently throughout the day. All rolling tasks are monitored closely to prevent problems that are caused by excess metal. Rolled rings and forged seamless rings provide good resistance and strength thanks to the controlled grain flow. Welded and plate materials are less efficient because they have fatigue and impact issues. Anderson Shumaker offers the best lead-time to consumers. Most open die forged rings are processed and shipped within 48 hours.

Our company manufactures products that meet industry standards. We also offer a full testing and inspection service for every component. Our staff tests all forgings that are offered by Forged Components. Contact us at 281-441-4088 to start your project.

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