3 Things to Know about Long Weld Neck Flanges

2015 March7

Multi-level buildings are a common place to find long weld neck flanges. Other industries using these specialized connections include power generation, petrochemical, and refineries. Forged Components, Inc. (FCI) is a Texas corporation that manufactures specialized and standard connection types and components. One example is the self-reinforced connections for AMSE pressure vessels.

Manufacturer of Long Weld Neck Flanges

Long weld neck flanges are built in a variety of lengths according to need. The flange is beveled so it can be butt-welded to pipe, adding extra strength. Pipes provide better flows with this type of connection forging.

Reinforcing Piping Systems with Flanges

The piping systems of high buildings are safer when reinforced with long weld neck steel flanges that relieve pressure in the pipes. This same style of flange helps balance the constant changes in pressure and temperature of liquids flowing in gasoline and chemical pipelines.

Manufacturing Standards for Flanges

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (AMES) sets manufacturing standards for flange shape, weight, material, and size. The pipe size affects the dimensions of each part of the flange, including the diameter of the flange, raised face, bore, hub, bolt, and bolt circle. Standards also exist for flange thickness, the length of the hub, and number of bolt holes. The standards help ensure a proper fit in the pipe application, which is a mandatory part of the requirements.

High pressure builds when connection pipes bend or travel in different directions. Proper connection forging of long weld neck flanges adds strength to the pipes to compensate for the pressure. FCI actively monitors its manufacturing processes for quality assurance because of the important part its products play in safe operations and public safety.

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