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Forged Components, Inc. is your one-stop source for custom forgings, heat treatment and machining services dedicated to ASME and API products such as pressure vessel connections, flanges, nozzles and wellhead components. With manufacturing facilities on 50 acres, and over 300,000 square feet under roof, FCI operates 24/7–365 and specializes in shutdown-turnaround projects. We hold ISO, PED and ABS certifications, and maintain an extensive inventory of carbon, alloy, nickel and stainless steels to meet all of your custom forged component manufacturing needs.

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FCI Recent
Acquisition of Forge USA

  • Chambersburg open die hammer 14,000lbs.
  • Water quench tank 30,000lbs capacity.
  • Complete heat treating facility with multiple furnaces & 300,000 lbs heat treating capacity.
  • Polymer quench tank 16,000lbs capacity.
  • Sawing capacity with 6 saws up to 40” diameter.
  • Forklift capacity up to 55,000lbs

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FCI celebrates 21st anniversary with Karl Lyons statue while attending this year’s OTC-2019


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