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The 6 Common Types of Flanges
A flange is a collar or ring, usually holed for bolts, and welded or screwed at the end of the pipe or tube to allow objects to get attached to it. These pipes are used in construction zones, pipeline, and…

Must-Read Guide to Flanges– Advantages and Disadvantages
Flanges used in various fields including gas, petroleum, transport, and water. It is also employed in chemicals, power generation, and chemical fertilizers. They come in many shapes and types. They also have a diversified material including stainless steel, low carbon…

ASME Flanges Design Systems Sync with iOS or Android Mobile Device Apps
Since 1997, Texas-based Forged Components, Inc. (FCI) has manufactured high-quality ASME flanges and high pressure flange products. Now, these flange design systems are compatible with cutting-edge iOS and Android mobile devices. You can order your flanges and nozzles remotely 24/7/365…

Casting Vs. Forging: Which One is Better For Me?
Casting is the system of heating metal until it becomes molten. When metal is in the molten stage it is then poured into a certain mold or vessel that creates the desired shape. When something is "forged" it means that…

The Variety of Forged Flanges
Pipework systems rely on forged flanges to connect pipes, valves, and joints. Cleaning, inspection, and repairs are made easier by use of flanges. The flanges are welded onto the pipes and kept in place by bolts.Several types of flanges are…


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Custom Forged Connections for Pressure Vessels

Forged Components, Inc. (FCI) is a global leader in the forging, machining and manufacture of integral self-reinforced connections for ASME pressure vessels – LWN, HB, I1, I2, I3 E, Q-Lip nozzles, butt weld stub end connections, studding outlets, and ASME B.16 Series A & B large diameter flanges and blinds.

FCI operates from 95,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities at five (5) locations in Houston, Humble, Porter and Navasota, Texas. The forging and manufacturing facilities are equipped with 350 ton, 1700 ton and 2500 ton open-die hydraulic forge presses, 300 ton ring roll, heat treatment furnaces, and a wide range of machine tools including manual and CNC lathes, VTL’s, milling machines and drills. Our corporate office, main manufacturing and storage facility in Humble, Texas is located on 19 acres adjacent to a rail spur, near major freeways and within 5 miles of the Bush International Airport.

In addition to pressure vessel connections, FCI produces forgings for the energy, petrochemical, refinery, power generation and the oil & gas exploration and production industries. Our extensive range of API-6A wellhead products include casing heads, tubing heads, casing hangers, tubing head adapters, casing and tubing spools, flanges, tees, crosses, and other wellhead components. Custom forged products include; extended barrel connections, large rolled ring forgings, cylinders, discs to 95” OD, mandrel rings, bar products, valve bonnets, high pressure valve bodies, elbows, tees, square and rectangular blocks. FCI is capable of producing open-die and semi-closed die forged shapes that weigh from 5 to 35,000 lbs.

Product Catalogs

We’ve prepared our product catalog for you to download. Have the catalog of our inventory to look at, print, or take with you on your tablet or Smartphone. In the catalog, our products list the full range of specifications for you to view. 

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FCI – Industrial Nozzle Selector App

Based on the overwhelming popularity of FCI’s patent pending “Industrial Standard Self-Reinforcing Nozzle Selector” FCI is now Introducing the electronic version for your PC, Android, and Apple Devices. Click on the App Icon below for installation.


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Contact Forged Components for ASME Pressure Vessel Connections Manufacturing

Get started with your project for ASME Pressure Vessel Connections manufacturing by contacting Forged Components at 1-877-FCI-I123 or through email at As a global vessel nozzles manufacturer, we provide a wide range of standard and custom products.