5 Things You Need to Know When Selecting a Pipe Flange Manufacturer

2019 January3

When looking for a place to purchase high-quality pipe flanges, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when selecting a pipe flange manufacturer.

What Else Does the Pipe Flange Company Produce?

It is helpful to find a pipe flange manufacturer that produces products that work along with pipe flanges such as long weld neck nozzles, pressure vessels, wellhead casings and more. Making your pipe flange supplier a one-stop shop will definitely help save time and money.

Pipe flange

Pipe Size

This is essential. Especially if you need pipe flanges for very large pipes.

Pipe Flange Fitting Standards

In the USA, the standards for pipe flange fittings used widely today are the ASME standards, although some companies still use the ANSI standards that stopped publication back in 1996. Other parts of the world use other standards such as the PN/DIN in Europe, BS10 in the UK and Australia, and JIS/KS standard in Japan and Korea. Just make sure that you and the vendor are using the same standards when beginning a project to avoid logistical headaches later.

Flange Type Needed

What type of flange does your project require? Blind flanges? Long weld-neck flanges? Threaded flanges? This is also very important to know before starting.

Flange Material

Most pipe flanges used in the oil and petrochemical industries are made out of some form of steel or steel alloy, but other materials are also possible. Know what you need to do with your pipe flanges to make sure that you select the best material for the project. This material needs to be corrosion and pressure resistant, able to handle a variety of extreme temperatures, strong and (in many cases) lightweight.

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