6 Ways Seamless Forged Connections Reduce Cost

2019 January10

Seamless forged connections are becoming more and more popular in the marketplace these days and the main reason is that using seamless connections reduces the production cost of fabrication for the following reasons:

1 – Simplifies Requisitioning, Purchasing and Expediting Part Orders

Quite simply, a seamless forged connection is one part, while other forged connections involve three separate parts: the pipe, the flange and the repad.

Seamless forged industrial flanges

2 – Easier Tracking and Inventory Control

Closely related to number 1 above, it is easier to keep track of one part vs. tracking and making sure that the stock levels for all three parts is equal. Less inventory on hand generally results in less storage space needed for the part, and less time involved when performing part inventory audits.

3 – Reduced Number of Parts in Assembling the Project

The less parts involved in the construction process, the simpler it will be when putting the plan together. Reducing the time involved during the construction phase of the product will add up to a huge cost savings as the project progresses.

4 – Improved Quality Control

Because fabricating one part has fewer possible points of failure than producing three parts. Because of this, a seamless forged connection is easier to inspect, test and document. This also provides you with a more consistent quality of product used within your project.

5 – Reduced Time for Fabrication

The production process for one part is much shorter than that to fabricate three separate parts. This reduces the number of issues that may impact the production of the parts, as well as helps keep the pricing of these parts more consistent.

6 – Reduces Welding and NDE

Buying a seamless forged connection reduces the amount of welding, and NDE required which provides considerable cost to the end user.

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