5 Ways to Reduce Costs with Seamless Forged Connections

When the economy goes into a slump, or if events lead to a difficult time for the oil and gas production industry, you immediately start looking for ways to reduce your overhead. Maybe this means delaying some equipment upgrades a for few months or reducing your inventory of pipeline parts, but whatever measures you take there are some things that you can do to help manage your costs while still maintaining a high level of service and safety. One of the ways to reduce cost is by incorporating seamless forged connections into your infrastructure. What are the ways that these reduce costs? Here are a few of them:

1 – Seamless Forged Connections Make Purchasing and Tracking Part Orders Easier

Because seamless forged connections essentially transform three parts (the pipe, flange, and repad) into one, it simplifies inventory tracking, makes it easier to manage orders, and reduces the amount of effort for managing the various part inventories.

2 – Reduces Project Construction Costs

When fewer parts are involved in the construction process, it is easier to design a construction plan and reduces the risk that the supply chain cannot deliver the parts needed for the project. In any pipeline or infrastructure project for the oil and gas production industry, time is money, and any delays you can eliminate add up to huge cost savings during project construction.

3 – Saves Time and Money with Easier Testing and Inspection

A seamless forged connection turns three parts into one which means that there are fewer parts to inspect, test, and track. One seamless part has less risk of failure than three separate parts, so the quality of the part is more consistent and much easier to test and inspect.

Seamless industrial flanges from a forged components manufacturer

4 – Reduces Fabrication Costs

It costs less to fabricate a single seamless forged connection than it does to fabricate three different parts. Fabricating more parts opens up the possibility of production, supply-chain, or quality issues with them. Consistent quality keeps fabrication costs steady and predictable.

5 – Lowers Labor Costs

Seamless forged connections require less welding and NDE. Assembling three separate parts typically requires more welding, inspection, and testing, and all three increases the labor cost for the production of the forged connection parts.

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