An Overview About Industrial Flanges – What is a Flange?

2016 June27

What Is A Flange?

A flange is a common way of forming a connection between pipes, pumps and valves. It involves bolting down or welding together two flange pieces together in a pipe, pump or valve to connect the two different pieces of pipe, pumps or valves.

What Kinds Of Flanges Are There?

Flanges are often round or circular in shape, although they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including irregular ones. The item they will be connecting determines the size and shape of the flange. For example pipes often have round flanges that connect two pipe ends together in plumbing systems. The material of the flange is often dependent on the material of the item the flange will be connecting. For example if a pipe is made from copper or PEX, so will the flange.

Due to the fact the flanges are so widely used in plumbing systems and industrial applications standards have been set for the manufacturing of flanges. The American National Standards Institute is responsible for setting the standards for flanges made in the United States. All ANSI flanges meet certain specifications when it comes to their dimensions. This ensures that all ANSI flanges will be compatible for use at home and in industrial applications without problems arising.

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