ANSI Flanges – Practicality And System Maintenance Made Easier

2015 March7

Different kinds of flanges are used in a broad range of applications. They are used in many different industries, not least of which is the oil and gas industry. They are used extensively in other industries such as the train and rail industry.

How Are Flanges Used?

Flanges are used to connect items to each other, such as pipes or valves, for example, as well as other types of equipment. This is done with the intention of creating a continuous interconnecting system. Because they are usually made from steel, they are both durable and resistant to high temperatures and therefore are more resistant to wear and tear.

Different Types of Flanges for Different Applications

The use of different flanges in these various applications enables easy access to the various components that make up the systems in which they are utilized. This facilitates inspection of the systems and their components themselves, as well as also making access easier for maintenance and upkeep purposes, such as cleaning of the systems in question. The flanges are fixed into place by being screwed or welded and then bolts are used to join them.

ANSI Flanges Used in Different Industries

There are different kinds of flanges available, such as ANSI flanges for example. ANSI flanges are classified as compact flanges. They are mostly used in those industries where the consequences of certain catastrophes, such as leaks, can be dangerous and so are highly undesirable, hence their use in the gas, oil and nuclear fields.

However, flanges differ both in size and shape. For instance, a flange might be oval, rectangular or round, and the type of flange used will depend upon the purpose for which it is intended. Each of the different classes of flanges has a pressure rating, which means that specific flanges are suited for specific purposes. This means that in most cases, flanges are not interchangeable and so knowing which flange is needed is necessary.

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