ASME Standards Request Procedures

2016 May5

ASME Standards are established and reviewed to reflect the interests of all relevant individuals and organizations. Any entity may collaborate with the committee regarding revisions, clarification and committee meeting participation.

Send all correspondence to:

Secretary, B16 Standards Committee
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Three Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016-5990

Suggesting Revisions:
The B16 Committee accepts and assesses all standards proposals such as for ANSI flanges. Proposals should definitive, and conclusive, with a comprehensive explanation and documentation, supporting the amendment. When the amendment receives Committee approval, it is published.

The B16 Committee, on demand, will produce an interpretation relevant to a standards requirement. A written request, to the Standards Committee, is necessary for an interpretation to be produced. The submission to the committee must clear and concise. Those submitting to the B16 Committee are urged to use the following format;

Show the appropriate paragraph number(s) and the inquiry subject matter.

Indicate the appropriate Standard edition that is relevant to the requested interpretation.

Pose the question not as an approval request of a proprietary design, but as an explanation of a certain requirement. Supporting documentation may accompany the question posed. The Committee will edit requests submitted not in accordance with the suggested format,, before a response is issued. The ASME deems any construction, proprietary device or activity as neutral.

Committee Meetings
All B16 Committee meetings are open to the public. Contact the Committee regarding information about the date, time, and location.

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