Blind Flange

A Blind flange is a disc shaped plate that has the requisite boltholes, but is missing a center hole. This type of flange is utilized in the sealing of pressure valve openings and other piping systems. It also makes accessing a vessel or a line’s interior that has to have easy access because it has to be accessed frequently.

Where are blind flanges used?

These flanges are commonly utilized in the public service and water works service industry as well as in the pipe engineering and petrochemical industries.

Our flange selection is constructed of precision engineered, premium quality raw material. This selection also complies with all relevant industry standards and has a reputation for precise accuracy and extreme durability. Additionally, we have an extensive ability to customize our products in accordance with the specific needs of our clients.

Blind Flange Manufacturing Difference

Blind flanges are manufactured in a similar manner to its regular counterpart. This construction includes properly aligned mounting holes and gasket seal rings that are directly manufactured into the opposing surface. The difference lies in blind flanges’ ability to stop the flow of any extruding fluids. This means that it can also be utilized between to open flanges in order to offer a stop to any flow of liquid.

Proficient in Repairs

This function makes them proficient in facilitating any necessary up-line repair. The downstream flanges can then be serviced without the fear of any compromise. These services can include functions like adding additional lines and valves. Blind flanges can also be used to permanently seal lines that are no longer functional.

Saves Money and Time on Repairs

These repairs would be significantly harder to make without blind flanges. Without them flow would have to be controlled by valves that are located great distances from the actual repair. These valves also stick easily and are expensive to replace. This problem makes the blind flange the most efficient and economical method to perform this type of service

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