Blind Flanges for the Oil and Gas Industry

2015 March7

Blind Flanges for the Oil and Gas Industry

Blind flanges are solid disks that are solely created for one purpose. They are used to create stops or to block off a pipeline. The blind flange is created and machined in the same way that a regular flange is made. There are mounting holes around the flange. There are also gasket rings to seal it to be sure that the seal is leak-proof.

Advantages to Using Blind Flanges

The biggest difference is that the blind flange is made to allow nothing through it at all. It is designed to be a solid wall that allows the downstream flanges to be disconnected while still holding the liquid that is inside them. When you’re going to be adding new pipes or new lines to the pipeline that is currently in place or you are going to have to add new piping to it, the blind flange allows you to do that in safety.

Effectiveness to Seal Pipelines

The blind flange also allows the company to close down the pipes or the single lines when that pipe is no longer necessary. If the blind flange did not exist the repairs or the shutdown would be doubly difficult. The only way to shut down the piping would be via a shutoff valve that could be a mile or more away, leaving a lot of fluid between the shutoff valve and the piping end.

The blind flange is currently the most cost effective way to seal off a pipeline and to stop the fluid from leaking from a pipeline when repairs are needed. Contact Forged Components at (281) 441-4088 to explain your needs and specifications for blind flanges.

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