Casting Vs. Forging: Which One is Better For Me?

2016 September28

Casting Vs. Forging: Which One is Better For Me?

Casting is the system of heating metal until it becomes molten. When metal is in the molten stage it is then poured into a certain mold or vessel that creates the desired shape. When something is “forged” it means that thermal and mechanical energy is being put onto steel billets or ingots. This causes the material to form a different shape while it is in a solid state.

The Choice Between Casting and Forging is in the Sizes of Parts and Components

Castings can be used for a variety or wear parts and components that are too big or difficult for forging. Parts that are up to 5okgs can be forged. Anything that is larger takes up too much energy, making casting an easier option. We are able to cast components that are mining and earthmoving for up to 580 kgs. We also specialize in using hardening screens. We can produce high quality castings by choosing specific alloys and methods that have worked in the past.

Advantages to Casting

There are many advantages to casting. A list of these advantages is listed below:

  1. There is no upper size limit.
  2. There are a variety of alloy choices.
  3. The tooling method is less expensive than forging.
  4. There are less production “runs” that need to happen.
  5. Any complex or unique part is not a problem.

Advantages to Forging

When the forging process is used, the final product results in a uniform look in composition and structure. When products are forged there is a metallurgical and crystallization grain that is refined. The makes the steel product stronger at the end of the process.

Steel that has been forged is normally more reliable than castings because of the fact that the grain flows have been manipulated by steel. Listed below are some advantages to forging:

  1. Stronger than other alternatives.
  2. Forging is able to handle a large impact.
  3. There is a resistance to wear and tear without being required to make the products too hard.

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