Types of CNC Machines

Custom CNC machining connections for pressure vessels
2017 December5

Types of CNC Machines

CNC machining is one of the best options for custom pressure vessel components manufacturing. But what type of CNC machine should you use for your industrial flanges? Here are five common varieties of CNC machines and their uses.

Milling Machine

Milling machines are one of the most common CNC machines used today. They use rotary cutting tools to drill and cut away material, usually metal. Milling machines are widely used in API wellhead component manufacturing and other industries because they can be retrofitted easily with CNC technology by adding Digital Read Out electronics.


Drills can also be equipped with CNC technology for more precise movement of the bit into a block of material.


CNC lathes spin a block of material against a stationary drill bit for precise drilling. When cutting material, a lathe typically spins the material block, then moves the cutting tool outward until it touches the spinning material. Like milling machines, lathes can be retrofitted with CNC technology for detailed cutting and drilling.


Routers are built specifically for CNC machining and require very little human interaction outside the computer. Routers are typically used to cut larger models from wood, plastic, and sheet metal. Most routers use a 3-axis setup, but some machines have 4, 5, or even 6 axes. The additional rotary axes allow the machine to rotate tools around the piece and can cut even more complex shapes.

Pick-and-Place Machine

With a setup similar to CNC routers, pick-and-place machines use several nozzles to pick up electrical components and move them to a desired location on a printed circuit board. Pick-and-place machines are popular in computer and technology manufacturing due to their ability to rapidly assemble electrical components for computers, phones, and video game consoles.

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