What Are the Components of a Wellhead and What Do They Do? – Part 2

API wellhead component forging example
2017 December12

Forged Components is known as one of the top wellhead component suppliers in the country, but what are the parts of a wellhead and how do they work together? This is the second out of three blog posts that describes these components and what they do. For more info on this topic, check out last month’s post, What Are the Components of a Wellhead and What Do They Do? – Part 1.

Casing Bowl

Most wells use more than one casing string between the surface and the production casing. In these cases, the wellhead needs a casing bowl. The casing bowl, also known as a casing spool, gets mounted to the top of the casing head, or for wells that use multiple casing strings, the top of another casing bowl, allowing the casing strings to bore deeper into the ground. The casing bowl also provides a secondary seal to help control the wellhead pressure.

Casing Hanger

The casing hanger supports the casing string as it is lowered into the bore. Casing hangers attach to the end of a given casing string and then suspend and seal the casing string in the top bowl of a casing head or spool. These hangers also center the casing string in the wellhead, and hold the weight of the entire casing.

Crossover Flange

Also known as a pack-off flange, these flanges are installed above a casing spool or wellhead casing to allow an increase of pressure between them and the surface equipment. This is a rarely used safety measure used in situations where a volatile increase in pressure is expected or a possibility.

Tubing Head

The tubing head is the final assembly on the wellhead and seals the production tubing for the well. The tubing head serves as a transition between the tubing hanger at the bottom and the Christmas tree above.

Be on the lookout next month for the final part in this blog series: What Are the Components of a Wellhead and What Do They Do? – Part 3.

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