ANSI Flanges

What is the Difference between ANSI and ASME Flanges?

The short answer is not a lot. ANSI is an abbreviation for the American National Standards Institute, a non-profit organization composed of members from a wide cross-section of individuals associated with them in academia, government agencies, businesses and organizations that have an interest in establishing engineering standards to ensure that products, services and processes are consistent and predictable for all.

ASME is the abbreviation for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers a group of mechanical engineers and representatives from engineering companies–also non-profit–establishing standards and codes for mechanical devices such as boiler components and fasteners as well as actively promoting these standards through education, publications, certifications and conferences.

ASME focuses on educating and evaluating mechanical engineers to obtain the Professional Engineer (PE) license, and focuses more on finding “day-to-day” solutions to mechanical engineering problems.

ANSI tends to focus on establishing these standards for the United States, but also works to ensure that companies and individuals get accreditation within these standards. ANSI also focuses on promoting the interests of the United States as the global leader in engineering processes and standards.

Internationally, when discussing measurements the ANSI and ASME measurements are identical, except in a few rare instances, so these designations are interchangeable. Although ANSI and ASME both focus on different aspects of establishing engineering standards, they both work toward the same goal of assuring that all engineers, both in the U.S. and internationally follow these same universal standards to assure quality and consistency for all mechanical devices and products.

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