Different Types of Flanges for Oil and Gas Industries Manufacturer

2015 March7

Different Types of Flanges for Oil and Gas Industries Manufacturer

The oil and gas industry is one of the foremost users of flanges for pipelines and refineries. There are specific ratings for flanges that are specified by different organizations. These are not unique types of flanges, but rather are ratings given to the flange.

Rating Scales for Flanges

The ANSI Flange, which is a flange that is specific to American National Standards Institute specifications.

The API Flange, which is rated and specific to the American Petroleum Institute.

Flanges Used in the Oil and Gas Industries

Among the vast array of equipment used in oil and gas industry manufacturers, the following flanges will be found:

The Adaptor Flange- This is a flange that forms a connection between two other flanges. It essentially is an adaptor, as the name implies, allowing two unique flanges to connect to each other. There are two types of adaptor flanges available for use.

The Open Face Flange: a flange that has bolt holes to mate it with other open face flanges or with Studded Face Flanges

RTJ Flanges: These flanges use a ring gasket to seal the surfaces.

The Spacer Flange: A flange that is made to have a ring joint connection on both sides of the flange in order to space out other flanges and leave room between them.

Studded Face Flanges: These are created with drilled bolt circles that are tapped into the face of the flange in order to be able to accept the Tapped End Studs.

Threaded Flanges, Also known as Companion flanges are screwed flanges with an external or an internal thread.

A Weld Neck Flange: These flanges have weld necks to allow them to be welded to piping or to buttweld fittings.

Segmented Flanges: These are also known as the Dual or the five bolt flange. They are used to help to connect tubing or valves where there are two tubing strings inside a single cased well.

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These are by no means all of the flanges that are available from flange manufacturers but they do represent a fairly broad profile of the flange and what it offers to the oil and gas industry. Contact us at (281) 441-4088 for more information on our flange manufacturing processes.

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