Download our new FCI Industrial Nozzle Selector App for iOS, Android and PC devices

Apple, Android PC Nozzle Selector download
2014 October1

Based on the overwhelming popularity of FCI’s patent pending “Industrial Standard Self-Reinforcing Nozzle Selector,” FCI is now introducing the electronic version for your PC, Android and Apple devices. Download the new app from our home page: For this application, just like the hand-held slider, simply choose your rating, size and dimensions for all six nozzles (LWN, HP, I-1, I-2, I-3, and E) and the system will populate the screen. Then, based on your wall thickness requirement, match the wall thickness to the nozzle component (equal to or greater than your stress calculated wall thickness). Click on the individual component to view ONLY your chosen nozzle. A print icon is provided for a quick and easy individual copy of your nozzle specification, along with a quote icon that allows you to request a quote from FCI.

Whether you are a vessel fabricator, field engineer, office engineer, purchasing agent, construction manager, vessel designer or project manager, you can get a quick reference for Long Weld Necks using this new app, which is now accessible on your personal electronic device and only a click away.

We hope you find this electronic app helpful when looking for LWN technical data. Please take a moment to click on the FCI Nozzle Selector icon on our home page ( to upload the app – Apple, Android or PC.

Industrial Standard Self-Reinforcing Nozzles


You can also get the app by going to the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Search for “FCI Nozzle Selector.” Another useful app in the App Store is FCI24/7, which allows you to view our company video and product images and to link to our website.

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