FCI Subsea Connections

FCI Subsea Connection
2014 August4

FCI Subsea Connections

Forged Components, Inc. offers connections and other products for the offshore oil and gas industry through FCI Subsea, Inc. (www.fcisubsea.com). Both companies are units of the FCI 24/7 group of manufacturing facilities. FCI Subsea was formed in 2011 by the acquisition of Atex Manufacturing. In addition to supplying components to the offshore drilling industry, FCI Subsea provides products to industries such as surface energy, oil and gas refining, and power generation.

An ISO and PED certified company, FCI Subsea Inc. supplies close tolerance, finish-machined products to ISO 9001-2008, API 6A and API Q1 standards. Main product lines include the following:

  • Wellheads, casing heads
  • Special design flanges
  • Heavy barrel flanges and necks
  • Frac heads, goat heads
  • Laterals, tees, wyes
  • Misalignment flanges
  • Spools and adapters
  • Custom pressure vessel components manufacturing

FCI Subsea Inc. is your one stop solution for forging, rough machining, heat treating, NDE testing, and finish machining for the Oil/Gas and Pressure Vessel Industry.

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