Guide to Understanding Forged Steel Rings

2016 February23

1. What are forged steel rings?
Ready-made base from steel manufacturers are incorporated in forged rings. They are customized to specifications to fit the steel base plate.
2. Are the rings really forged?
Forged rings are hot rolled steel. The steel is heated or pressed into 2 distinct directions that form the ring shape.

3. What is the difference between forged rings and hot rolled plates?
Just remember that forged rings are rolled in 2 directions. The hot rolled plates are rolled in 1 direction.

4. Are forged rings a new type of material?
The material has the same chemical and mechanical properties as materials that are already listed in ASCE 48-11.

5. Are forged rings fairly new?
No, they are not new. The forged rings have been around for years.

6. Why are forged rings better?
Forged rings are easier and quicker to make.

7. Are forged rings more expensive?
Forged rings are actually cheaper than hot rolled plates because of less waste material.

8. Are forged rings strong?
Yes, they are just as strong as hot rolled plates.

9. Is it true that the rings are difficult to use?
No, rings are equal to hot rolled plates.

10. Are special welding procedures required?
If the forged ring is classified as new material, new procedures for the welding must be developed. However, if the material is standard, new procedures are not required.

11. What about the ring’s surface?
No specific requirements. However, minor scratches are removed by grinding.

12. How do I request forged steel rings in my specifications?
They should match the same standards of ASME approved material.

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