How Does a Mudline Suspension System Work?

Casing pipe from wellhead component suppliers
2019 September1

A mudline suspension system is a system designed to support the considerable casing weight of a deep-sea drilling operation such as that on a floating Jack-Up Rig. The mudline suspension system transfers most of the weight via subsea connections from the rig itself to the sea floor. This is especially important for wells drilled in deeper water where the weight is considerable. The mudline suspension system also provides a means to quickly disconnect and reconnect the system.

Casing pipe from wellhead component suppliers

What is a Mudline Suspension System?

The mudline suspension system is a series of hangers that provides landing rings and shoulders specifically to transfer the weight of the casing string to the main conductor and the sea bed. It also allows the well to be “disconnected” once the drill bit has reached the required depth. The mudline suspension system also has a surface blow-out-preventer, a surface wellhead and drilling equipment that is part of the drilling rig itself.

For some shallow off-shore wells, a mudline suspension system might not be necessary, but the cost of engineering and constructing the rig will be a lot more expensive to make sure it can support the entire weight of the drilling equipment and casing strings.

Mudline Hanger System

This is a series of pipes that stack downward, with each new hanger landing on a “shoulder” of the previously installed hanger. The number of hangers installed depends on how deep the well will be. The more hangers, the heavier the weight of the hanger system.

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