Difference Fabricator Manufacturer Oil & Gas Industry

Key Differences Between the Manufacturer and the Fabricator in the Oil and Gas Industry

The fabricators and manufacturers play critical roles in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Though these terms, fabricator and manufacturer, are connected, they are not the same. At the same time, they are often confused with one another. The following information explains the difference between the fabricator and the manufacturer.

Difference Fabricator Manufacturer Oil & Gas Industry

Fabrication Explained

The word ‘fabricator’ refers to the company that makes something from raw materials. Fabricators are skilled craftsmen who use materials like metal, wood, and plastics to create products. Manufacturers buy fabricated products to assemble them into finished products.

Fabricators typically produce custom parts or products that are not made in large quantities. They don’t need to mass produce these customized items and can often provide them at a competitive cost.

Manufacturing Explained

When it comes to manufacturers, it refers to either using fabricated or raw materials and turning them into finished products. Manufacturing often produces products on a large scale if the processes of creating the product are repeatable. The manufacturing process uses specialized machinery that can function on a large-scale level.

Manufacturing is usually considered a high-volume process. The manufacturer can also do a significant degree of customization to the products they produce. Manufacturers are usually equipped for mass-production of products, as well as making customized goods.

The Differences Between Fabrication and Manufacturing

Some key differences are apparent between the  fabrication and the processes. The most significant difference is how much time and processing is involved in each job function.

Fabricators make products from scratch and often involve highly skilled labor such as qualified welders, engineers, and product development staff to produce a custom product. The process of fabrication often takes more time as compared to manufacturing due to the custom production of the product. Fabricators will often sell their products to manufacturers to assemble them in the production of a finished product.

Manufacturing can be a quicker process for products that are in demand. The products are not as often customized, instead are reproduced repetitively at a larger quantity as compared to fabrication.

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