Long Weld Neck Flanges – What are They Used for?

long weld neck flange example
2017 May25

Where “standard” weld neck flanges are used extensively for pipes, long weld neck flanges (often abbreviated to LWN) are used in high pressure and high (or fluctuating) temperature situations primarily in the oil and gas industry. The long neck guides the pipe into the flange itself and provides reinforcement that a standard weld neck flange cannot. This reinforcement is very important for safety in high pressure industrial, commercial and even residential systems.

Typically, the long weld-neck flange are the anchors for water-mains or sources of gas being pumped into a larger network of pipes, such as those in a factory or in an apartment building. Long weld-neck flanges also are used in situations expansion bends or changes the pipe because of the high pressure.

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