More Advantages of Forged Connections

Custom pressure vessel components
2014 October1

The Forging Industry Association (FIA) outlines a series of advantages that forging offers in comparison to other processes such as casting that are used to manufacture pressure vessel connections: superior strength, higher reliability, better heat treatment response, and more flexible and cost effective production processes. These characteristics are also important in guarding against field equipment failures that could cause leakage or catastrophic environmental damage. To ensure the maximum integrity of the final component, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Specify integral self-reinforced connections (forged)
  • Design the pressure vessel connection in accordance with ASME and API Specifications and best practices.
  • Take advantage of FCI’s wealth of knowledge during the design phase.

Use FCI as a resource. Our design and engineering staff have many years of experience in designing all types of forged connections, and are ready to help you design the correct components for your application. And our newly announced mobile device apps allow our customers to develop design configurations for their pressure vessel nozzles from their mobile devices.

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