Stainless Steel Long Weld Neck Flanges

Properties of Stainless Steel

Forged Components offers high-quality stainless steel custom pressure vessel connections. Stainless steel has several properties that make it the perfect choice for you next ASME pressure vessel connections forging project.


Tensile strength measures the resistance of a material to breaking under tension. Most varieties of stainless steel, such as martensitic and precipitation hardening grades, have a higher tensile strength than mild steel and other materials such as aluminum. Many types of stainless steel are also work hardenable, meaning that they can be strengthened to a specific tensile strength through a combination of cold working and annealing stages.


Ductility is a material’s ability to stretch under tensile stress. Many varieties of stainless steel have a high ductility. Austenitic stainless steels are especially ductile, with elongation exceeding 50 percent. Stainless steel can be cold worked to achieve the perfect balance between strength and ductility.

Resistant to Corrosion

Stainless steel uses chromium to create a protective, self-healing oxide layer. This protective layer makes all types of stainless steel resistant to corrosion. Even if the surface is cut, scratched, or otherwise damaged, it can self-heal and maintain its corrosion resistance. In mild steels, the surface of the material may be treated with coatings or paint to protect against corrosion, but any surface damage will leave the material vulnerable.

Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

Stainless steel does not deteriorate at high temperatures like mild steel. It remains strong and durable at temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius. Stainless steel can also maintain its ductility and toughness at sub-zero temperatures. Varieties such as austenitic stainless steel can be used at -196 degrees Celsius.

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