The Forged Components Quality Management System is a process for monitoring the quality of the manufacturing through delivery of our forged components. The system includes a number of parameters to measure the quality of the forged components, such as dimensions, dimensions variation, surface finish, and other characteristics.

Quality management systems are processes that are established to ensure the quality of goods and services to meet customer requirements and expectations. They provide a systematic approach for identifying and solving any problems that may arise in production or service delivery.

FCI’s focus on Quality has served as a fundamental base which has contributed to our continued success. Our continuous improvement of our Quality Management System is of utmost importance to our management team and the rest of the company. We always strive to achieve the required quality standards to provide a product that meets the specified requirements of the customer and to ensure strict adherence to the governing requirements for safe and efficient operations. Every one of our facilities has external certifications as a tool for continuous surveillance.

Our Quality Management System is based on the principals of ISO 9001:2015. FCI’s corporate quality assurance function has full organizational independence. Our manufacturing sites are certified to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. The corporate office holds Canadian Registration Numbers for all the Canadian provinces, resulting from the auditing services conducted by Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB). In addition, we have a metallurgical quality control program in place that directs selection of raw material heat, forging and heat treating practices for specific applications.


Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB)

Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs)

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