Steel Alloys for Pressure Vessel Connection Specifications

Steel for forged rings manufacturer
2018 April2

Steel Alloys for Pressure Vessel Connection Specifications

While we’ve previously discussed the types and uses of alloy steel, some steel alloys are more useful for ASME pressure vessel connections forging than others. Here are seven alloys that are typically used in custom pressure vessel components manufacturing:


Chromium is one of the most common alloys found in steel. A key component of stainless steel, chromium has a stabilizing effect and results in higher carbide formation, which creates a harder and stronger alloy steel. Chromium also makes steel significantly more resistant to corrosion and more responsive to heat treatment.

Steel for forged rings manufacturer


Molybdenum is often used in conjunction with chromium in alloy steels. Molybdenum improves the hardness and strength of steels, especially when combined with heat treatment. Combining molybdenum with chromium produces a steel that is highly weldable, mildly hard, and easily fabricated.


Silicon is used in almost every steel grade to prevent oxidation and the formation of gases in steel. Silicon also increases tensile and yield strength, hardness, and elasticity. Alloy steels with higher amounts of silicon tend to be easier to forge.


Nitrogen increases yield strength in alloy steels and improves the austenitic stability of stainless steels.


Phosphorus is commonly added to low-alloy steels to improve machinability, strength, and corrosion resistance. In some cases, however, phosphorus can make steel more brittle.


Manganese increases steel ductility, hardness, and wear resistance. At high temperatures, it also prevents the formation of iron sulfides, increasing strength in the resulting alloy steel. Manganese is often combined with Sulphur in alloy steel to reduce hot shortness.

Nickel Alloys

Several nickel alloys, such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, and Hastelloy, are used for specialized pressure vessel applications. Nickel alloys can improve the strength, impact strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance of alloy steels.

What Steel Alloys Do You Need for Your Pressure Vessel Connection Specifications?

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