The Advantages of Forged Connections for Pressure Vessels Over Casting

2015 October28

Many of our clients try to find out whether they should forge or cast parts. There are unique differences to each method. Each process also has advantages and disadvantages over the other.

The Difference Between Casting and Forging

Casting a product is when the material is heated and then poured into a mold. A forged product is created from solid material that is heated and physically shaped.

Forged components provide more strength than casting. The reason is because when metal is melted, it expands and does not have as much strength as it did previously.

Forged Components Outweighs Casting

In a recent study, forged products have greater advantages over cast products. The results concluded that forged parts were higher in strength than cast parts.

Forged Connections for ASME Pressure Vessels

When it comes to needing a strong connection that meets ASME standards, Forged Components handles forgings for clients around the world. Our reinforced forged connections meet and exceed industry standards. We provide 100% turnkey service in-house with high quality.

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