The Critical Reasons Wellheads Must Be In Proper Working Order

2015 January22

The Critical Reasons Wellheads Must Be In Proper Working Order

Having a wellhead in anything but working order can cause problems due to the pressure sensitivity of drilling. Human life can be in danger, and leaks and spills can occur as well, if the bursting wellhead is of detrimental size. Wellheads need to be maintained with this in mind by a qualified professional or a company to maintain proper operations.

What Makes Up a Wellhead?

Dealing with gas or oil oftentimes presents itself within the wellhead’s interface. The transfer of the gas or oil is passed through the casings, made by a wellhead casing manufacturer, inside the well and to the Christmas Tree top (not an actual tree; only in resemblance).

Several components make up a wellhead, and wellhead component suppliers supply these:

• Spools, hangars and a casing head

• Bowl protection

• Bushings

• Mud line suspension

• Tubing heads, hangars, and adapters

• Isolation seals

• Test plugs

Wellhead Casing Manufacturers Follow Strict Guidelines

A select few companies, mostly due to their demanding manufacturing process, only manufacture wellheads. Companies follow rigid and strict guidelines that must be observed and practiced during every stage of construction. After production, they may want to hire out the original manufacturer to maintain the wellhead, or they can maintain it themselves from there on out.

The Critical Roles Wellheads Play in Industries

Wellheads are critical to drilling by thwarting leaks into the air and ocean. Next time you are at the pump filling up, remember the vitally important role wellheads play in the delivery of fuel beneath the crust of the Earth to its surface.

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