Top 2 Reasons to Use Butt Weld Connection Manufacturing

2015 March25

Top 2 Reasons to Use Butt Weld Connection Manufacturing

At Forged Components Inc., we are proud to manufacture butt weld fittings that cater to the need for pipefittings that work on both metal and plastic pipe. With three manufacturing locations in Texas, we, at Forged Components have the technical know-how to manufacture butt weld connections that meet all of our customer’s desired specifications.

Rigorous Testing for Butt Weld Connections

Out fittings undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure that our fitting will hold up under the pressure and stress of use in various applications including boiler manufacturing, high corrosive settings, and high-pressure environments. Across the fields of Oil & Gas, engineering, petrochemical, and offshore construction our fittings meet the specifications of all of our customers and we are proud to be a major butt weld manufacturer in the U.S.

Materials Used in Connections Manufacturing

Our butt weld connections are manufactured using the highest quality, high strength materials available on the market today. We use a combination of steel, carbon steel, nickel, and stainless. Optimized with our high-tech fabrication methods that include casting and descaling ensures that out fittings remain leak proof while offering unmatched strength. All of our fittings are coated in anti-corrosive oil that helps them stand the test of time in the field. Upon request, we can also galvanize our fittings to offer additional protection against the elements and in highly corrosive environments.

The use of our butt weld connections will:

  • Add strength to your entire system
  • Allow you to specify exact wall thickness with a seamless surface
  • Maximize available space within your system

As well as these benefits you will also get the peace of mind that all the fittings you are putting in place have been rigorously tested to the highest standards, allowing for minimal risk to your system.

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