Top Factors to Look for in a Forging Manufacturer

2015 October28

When you are looking for a forging manufacturer, you want to be sure you choose someone who provides industry standard reliability. Forging takes metal, heats it, and shapes it into the parts needed to meet a project’s requirements. Forging is a premier way to produce products over casting because of its strength and durability.

Depending on the product, there are different types of metals used. Forged Components has produced products that meet ASME standards for years. Our experience in knowing what metal to use for different products is paramount in selecting a qualified forging manufacturer.

Different metals have unique purposes for applications. Our forging material chart lists the different materials we use and which classes they are in, where applicable.

Knowledge in the Forging Industry

Selecting a forging manufacturer requires thorough knowledge about the industry. Even the process of choosing the right self-reinforcing nozzle can be difficult for many. That’s why we lead the industry by creating the first industrial nozzle selector apps for iPhone, Android, and personal computers.

You can easily use the selector to find the ideal nozzle that fits your application.

Forged Connection Comparison

Our classifications go from 150 up to 2500. We have paired down the process for forging connections over the years by reducing unnecessary work and still provide a quality product that meets or exceeds the industry standards.

Our improved quality control saves money while paying attention to the more demanding and critical areas of concern for vessel fabrication.

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