The Use of Carbon Steel in the Flange Manufacturing Process

2017 March29

Carbon steel is the most commonly used steel in the world. When carbon is infused into steel, it transforms the properties of the steel, and how it should be used, based on the amount of carbon present in the steel. The lower the carbon content–low-grade carbon steel–is hard, but more malleable than higher grades of carbon steel. Higher carbon content makes it extremely hard and strong, but brittle. The medium grades of carbon steel are ideal for high wear applications such as oil rig parts, mining equipment, brushings, shafts, and gears.

As a result, mid-grade carbon steel is the preferred raw material in carbon steel flange manufacturing. The grade of carbon steel you select depends on how you are using it. So always check your specific industry-level specifications to make sure that you select the right materials for the job.

Carbon Steel is the Preferred Steel for Forged Steel Rings

Carbon steel is also the preferred material for forged steel rings, but the grade of carbon steel depends on the application and specifications of these rings.

Forged Components Meets all of Your Carbon Steel Flange Manufacturing Needs

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