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What Are the Components of a Wellhead and What Do They Do? – Part 3
This is the final post in our series describing wellhead components and their functions. For more information, check out What Are the Components of a Wellhead and What Do They Do? – Part 1 and Part 2.Christmas TreeThe Christmas tree…

Properties of Stainless Steel
Forged Components offers high-quality stainless steel custom pressure vessel connections. Stainless steel has several properties that make it the perfect choice for you next ASME pressure vessel connections forging project.StrongTensile strength measures the resistance of a material to breaking under…

A Brief History of Carbon Steel – Part 2
For more info on this topic, check out last month’s post A Brief History of Carbon Steel – Part 1Carbon steel wasn’t always the reliable metal that we use for our blind flanges and forged steel rings that we use…

What Are the Components of a Wellhead and What Do They Do? – Part 1
FCI is one of the top wellhead component suppliers in the country, but what are the components of a wellhead and what do they do? This series of blog posts will explain these components and how they work within the…

A Brief History of Carbon Steel – Part 1
Carbon steel first appeared around the year 500 AD in Damascus steel swords as well as Japanese swords. They were prized for their sharp edges and sturdiness compared to other weapons of the era. The composition of these swords was…

Web Tools for Nozzle Selection and Estimating

Recommend adding introductory paragraph containing appropriate keyword to better focus the availability of web-based tools: FCI provides iOS and Android web tools to support customers who are designing systems incorporating our forged nozzle products.

Mobile Device Apps For Nozzle Selection

Apple Devices Our easy to use Apple devices web tool to find the correct nozzle type for your application and identify, estimate, and reference the type your project needs.


Android Devices Use the web tool to know which nozzle type is right for your project using your Android device to identify, estimate, and for reference.


Nozzle Vessel Estimation Tool

The nozzle vessel estimation tool helps to decide what nozzle type you need based on calculations from ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and includes a quote once you choose the type.


Forged Components is known for being global ASME Section VIII Division I vessel manufacturers. We have multiple facilities for ASME nozzle manufacturing and pressure vessel connections forging that meets or exceeds industry specifications.