Blind flanges

What are Blind Flanges?

Blind flanges are used primarily in the oil and gas industries in the construction of pipelines. They have a very simple function: to completely block off a pipeline.

How are Blind Flanges Constructed?

Blind flanges are solid walls of metal that are created and machined using the same methods as other flanges. This includes the creation of mounting holes around the flange. Another important part of a blind flange is a gasket ring which ensures that the seal created by the blind flange is leak proof.

Blind flanges

Role of a Blind Flange in Pipeline Construction & Maintenance

The role of a blind flange is a very important one. It is a solid wall that no liquid or gas can flow through. This allows pipeline workers to dam off the pipeline upstream so that blind flange holds back the liquid while they make repairs or expand the pipeline network downstream. The blind flange also allows the addition of new pipes to the pipeline because the workers can make these updates safely.

The blind flange also allows the oil/gas company to shut off the pipes or single lines when that pipe is no longer necessary. Without blind flanges, pipeline repairs or shutting down the pipeline would be expensive and possibly more dangerous, since the only other way to shut down the piping would be to use a shutoff valve that could be a mile or more away. Causing a lot of possibility for leakage or more damage is it couldn’t be locked down with a blind flange. The bottom line, the blind flange is the cheapest and one of the safest ways to stop the flow within a pipeline when repairs or replacement are necessary.

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