What are Large Diameter Flanges?

2015 March7

A flange is a metal ring that is used to connect valves, pipes, pumps and other equipment that is necessary to form pipelines. The flange also allows people to have easy inspection, rapid modification, and easy and quick access to clean the pipes. Flanges are an integral part of the pipeline system.

How Are Flanges Applied?

When flanges are applied they are usually screwed to the pipeline or else they are welded into play in order to connect the piping. Bolting two different flanges together with a gasket place between the two flanges in order to make a seal in the pipe joint creates flanged joints.

What Materials Are Flanges Made From?

Flanges are made of many different materials. They can be bronze, brass, plastic or even silicone based, but the material that is most commonly used is nothing so specialized. The most typical material used for making large diameter flanges is carbon steel that has been forged carefully and which surfaces have been machined.
The flanges are made in multiple ways. Some have lips, while others do not. Nearly every type of flange has a seal attached to it in order to preclude any type of leaks from the pipeline.

The Purpose of Large Diameter Flanges

There are multiple types of flanges. The large dimension flange is–as the name implies– a flange that is used to connect or to block off two very large diameters sized pipes. They are primarily used for specialty pipes such as the pipes and the pipeline that is used in the oil and gas pipelines or in refinery piping.

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