Where Long Weld Neck Flanges are Used in Application

2014 December3

Where Long Weld Neck Flanges are Used in Application

One kind of a steel flange seen in buildings, apartments, and other high establishment’s piping systems are long weld neck steel flanges. The long weld neck’s design supports safety. This is because these places usually have high pressure and can cause serious problems when they get damaged.

Long Weld Neck Flange Manufacturers Follow Standards

Any long weld neck flange manufacturer has to follow the standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (AMES). This is to ensure that all flanges will be consistent in size, material, weight, and shape. They have to fit correctly in the pipe application.

Besides buildings and apartments, chemical and gasoline industries also use long weld neck flanges. There is a consistent change in temperatures and pressure in the water and gas sources that travel inside the pipes.

Long weld neck flanges operate when the connection pipes need to bend or go through different directions. Due to this reason, and the high pressure that occurs, long weld neck connection forging is crucial. They should be assessed to prevent damage.

Connection forging is the addition of extra long weld neck flanges to aid in better flows for the pipes.

There are various ways to configure your piping system depending on the kind of pressure changes that the pipe has to go through. Just like with manufacturing, long weld neck connection forging follows the standard of AMES.

Some examples of connections are heavy barrel, which provides more support because of its thicker size. The intermediate barrel is for more support compared to the heavy barrel. The equal barrel provides the most amount of support. It is ideal for places where the pressure and temperature changes.

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