An overview of Forged Connections

2014 August4

An overview of Forged Connections

ASME pressure vessel connections manufacturing and forging is our business. These connections are critical elements in the pressurized piping systems in a wide variety of industries, including:

–          Oil and gas exploration and processing
–          Subsea oil and gas transport and processing
–          Oil and gas pipelines
–          Power generation
–          Many others

Seamless, forged connections are “self-reinforced” and are far more robust and reliable than connections comprised of multiple components. Our forged connections simplify shop fabrication by “eliminating” the following:

  • Reinforcing pad fabrication- layout, cutting, forming, drilling and tapping of weep hole
  • Nozzle neck fabrication- layout, cut & bevel pipe/ layout, cut & bevel, form, weld, inspect plate neck
  • Component fabrication- fit and welding of flange to pipe/plate or forged cylinder neck
  • Reinforcing pad installation-fit and welding of one/two piece pad to vessel shell and nozzle neck
  • Inspection & testing- radiographic inspection, UT, PT, MT, air test and other non-destructive tests and inspections as required of components
  • Handling of associated components to and from the various work stations
  • Inspection and marking of component material- identification/traceability

These manufacturing advantages translate directly to improved quality control. Material traceability, component and shop fabrication inspection steps are reduced, allowing Quality Control Inspectors to direct their efforts to other more demanding/critical areas of concern. In lighter duty applications, the use of Long Weld Necks eliminates/reduces the possibility of barrel distortion that can occur in pipe necks due to heat input from welding.

Seamless, forged connections offer additional cost reduction advantages such as:

  • Material requisitioning, purchasing and expediting of one part versus three parts (pipe, flange and plate)
  • Material handling of a single part into stock and then directly into the final assembly of the work
  • Inventory control of fewer parts
  • Quality control-traceability, inspection, testing, documentation
  • Fabrication schedule reduced thereby improving Purchaser’s deliveries and internal cash flow

Other advantages of integrally reinforced (seamless) forged connections accrue directly to the customer – the pipeline company or other organization that is using the forged connections:

  • On-time equipment deliveries to customers due to fewer production variables.
  • More consistent pricing of project due to estimating of fewer variables.
  • More competitive pricing a result of by being able to use smaller connections for certain applications because FCI forged connection bores are greater than corresponding nominal pipe sizes: associated connections may be of a size smaller to accomplish the same result.
  • Aesthetic appeal of completed work using seamless connections – yes, appearance matters even in this industrial environment!
  • Predetermined cost and guaranteed quality levels assure on-target performance for the connection portion of the project budget.
  • Special contour forged insert lips – contour forged with aligned grain flow, imparting maximum strength and toughness – can be specified for applications requiring superior resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses.

In addition to the above advantages, quality conscious customers realize that integrally reinforced forged connections provide improved strength and toughness because the connection is forged close to the finished profile. To receive more information about ASME pressure vessel connections forging and reinforced nozzle manufacturing, please call (281) 441-4088 to speak to a Forged Components representative who can answer all of your questions.

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