The Basics of Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

If you’re working on an ASME pressure vessel connections forging project or need components for ASME flanges, seamless rolled rings may be perfect for your project. Here are three things you need to know about seamless steel forged rings:

How to Manufacture Forged Steel Rings

A seamless rolled ring begins as a circular piece of metal that has been cut to the desired weight and rounded out. The metal is then pierced via open die forging to create a hollow doughnut shape, heated above recrystallization temperature (usually between 400 and 700 °C) and placed on an idler or mandrel roll. The roll pushes the walls of the doughnut outward, reducing the wall thickness and increasing the diameters of the steel ring. The roll can produce a wide variety of shapes and proportions. Most seamless steel rings have a thickness-to-height ratio of 1:16 to 16:1.

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Properties of Seamless Rolled Rings

Strong – The recrystallization process involved in manufacturing seamless rolled rings improves the steel’s grain pattern, giving the rings higher strength and resistance.

Durable – Forged steel rings also resist deforming from heat and can maintain their shape throughout drastic temperature fluctuations.

Cost-effective – Because the shape of steel ring changes very little from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process, seamless rolled rings require less machining, labor, and raw materials than similar components. These benefits lead to a cost-effective component.

Common Applications

Seamless rings are valuable in countless industries, from power generation to mining to aerospace engineering. In custom pressure vessel components manufacturing, seamless rolled rings are especially useful in forged flanges, couplings, valves, and bearings.

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