Design Considerations in ASME Flanges for Pressure Vessel Connection Manufacturers

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2018 March2

Design Considerations in ASME Flanges for Pressure Vessel Connection Manufacturers

Pressure vessel manufacturers have a wealth of ANSI industrial flanges to choose from. But which pressure vessel connections are right for you? Here are three flange design considerations for ASME pressure vessel connections manufacturing:


Steel is the most common material choice for forged flanges, but different steel grades are suitable for different pressure and temperature requirements. Steel grade A105, for example, is a carbon steel suitable for temperatures between -20°F and 1000°F. Grade A350-LF2 CL1 is another carbon steel produced for lower temperatures, from -50°F to 650°F. Alloy steels provide yet more temperatures options. A182-F11 CL2 steel contains 1.25 percent chromium and .5 percent molybdenum and works well from -20°F to 1100°F.


While there are a variety of flange structures for pipe flanges, only some can withstand high pressures. Socket-weld, threaded-neck, and slip-on flanges, for example, do not meet pressure vessel connection specifications.

Blind flanges, however, are a reliable option for pressure vessel connection manufacturers. Blind flanges are similar in structure to shell covers, though they can be disassembled more easily. Like shell covers and pipe caps, blind flanges provide a complete seal to block off material flow.

Long weld neck flanges are another popular choice for custom pressure vessel connections in the power and petroleum industries. Long weld neck flanges allow for greater pressure control within pipes and can be butt-welded to the pipe for extra strength.

Flange Faces

Flange faces are another design factor in pressure vessel forged flanges. There are three general types of flange faces: flat face, raised face (RF), and ring-type joint (RTJ). Flat-face flanges are suitable only for low-pressure applications. RF and RTJ faces, however, are both common choices for pressure vessel connection companies. RF flange faces are a cheaper option, but RTJ faces offer a better seal at higher pressures.

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