A diagram of long weld neck flanges

Common Uses for Long Weld-Neck Flanges

The weld-neck flange is used extensively for pipes everywhere, but when pipes are transporting high-pressure or high-temperature (or highly-fluctuating temperature) fluids, long weld neck flanges are better choices, especially in the oil and gas industry.

Why Long Weld Neck Flanges Are Better

The extended neck of a long weld neck flange provides additional reinforcement that a standard weld neck flange cannot. Because the long neck guides the pipe into the flange, it gives the extra strength essential to assure the safety of the environment, infrastructure, and people when handling high-pressure, high-temperature fluids. A standard weld neck flange cannot handle these pressures and temperatures as well. The reinforcement provided by a long weld neck flange is crucial to provide safety in high pressure industrial, commercial, and even residential systems.

A diagram of long weld neck flanges

Large Pipe Networks

It doesn’t matter if it is a gas main, source, or water main; anytime a large amount of water or gas is being pumped into a more extensive network of pipes, the network requires high pressure to keep the contents within those pipes to keep moving.

Apartment Buildings and Office Complexes

Because of the need to push large amounts of water (or gas) into apartment buildings or high-rise office buildings, they require the contents to be moved along at high pressure. This is why you commonly see long weld neck flanges on pipes leading into these buildings.

Volatile and Hazardous Fluids

Some fluids are extremely hazardous and can be hard on the pipe networks that transport them. Wild fluctuations in temperature from near boiling to sub-zero or caustic substances create more wear and tear on the flanges and nozzles along the pipeline. The added strength of long weld neck flanges keeps the contents of the pipeline moving without compromising safety.

FCI is the Premier Manufacturer of Long Weld Necks

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