Does Forged Components Make Custom Flanges and Forged Nozzles?

2014 February26

Does Forged Components Make Custom Flanges and Forged Nozzles?

Does Forged Components Make Custom Flanges?

Yes. While ASME nozzle forging and ASME pressure vessel connections manufacturing is our primary business, we can help design and forge just about any component your company may need, especially custom flanges and long weld neck nozzle forging.

Forged Components, Inc. realizes that service is a vital part of the forging business, therefore we have developed extensive in-house forging capabilities. How often have you called a flange or pressure vessel manufacturer or a local machine shop to order a special flanged nozzle connection and were told that it would take weeks or even months to complete? Well, that doesn’t happen at Forged Components.

Often we may have a suitable forging in stock or we will be able to manufacture your rush order using a die already designated for use in the current forging schedule. Our in-house capabilities and top-notch service provides clients with a single-source manufacturer of forged nozzles, ASME pressure vessel connections forging and custom flanges.

Many custom products have been forged at our facilities. We welcome the opportunity to help customers with forging or machining estimates for custom products. We can even provide designs assistance for no fee if our expertise and design capabilities are applicable. Call Forged Components at (281) 441-4088 to request a quote.

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