FCI’s Unique, Seamless Pressure Vessel Connections Improve Safety.

2013 December2

Pressure vessels were invented during the industrial revolution primarily to make steam for power on trains and steamboats. From the very beginning they were employed to maintain safety for engines and operators. By holding gases or liquids at sustainably higher than ambient pressure, pressure vessel connection manufacturers have evolved and improved pressure vessel design to coincide along with technology to create more pressure and more power for a laundry list of industries and uses.

From mining operations and food productions, to spacecraft manufacturing and nuclear reactors pressure vessels are used in production of products and items used by virtually everyone in the world.

The widespread applications of pressure vessel nozzle manufacturing has demanded that one thing has not changed in more than 250 years: Safety. Forged Components Inc. has led the charge for cutting edge development of one piece ASME pressure vessel connections, forged nozzles and long weld neck nozzle forging.

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