Forged Components Offers Streamlined Productivity in Long Neck Nozzle Forging

2014 December19

Forged Components Offers Streamlined Productivity in Long Neck Nozzle Forging

As a leading long weld neck flange manufacturer, Forged Components brings an unparalleled level of quality to integrally reinforced standard conditions.

Here are a few of the benefits of partnering with Long Neck Flange Manufacturer, Forged Components

1. Care to minimize distortion due to welding heat.

2. Simplified material traceability with only one piece as opposed to the two or more usually required for built-up construction.

3. Expected maximized durability and strength with exacting contour forging in finished profiles, aligning material grain flow.

4. Reduced production time for vessel fabrication, ensuring speedy delivery and cash flow.

5. Expected savings with larger bore diameters. When purchasing larger blind flange gaskets alongside larger studs and nuts associated with built-up nozzles, savings are greatly enhanced.

6. Through integral reinforcement, Forged Components lowers or eliminates costs in many ways.

  • Purchasing and Expediting: One part vs. flange, pipe and plate.
  • Quality Control: Reduced time in all verification and testing procedures.
  • Production Scheduling: Forged Components utilizes a system that saves time and money in all areas.
  • Inventory Control: Fewer parts to locate, stock and track.
  • Material Handling: One part to manage for installations.
  • Sales & Marketing: Forged Components reduces the sales pitch, instead providing on-time shipments and appeal that makes maintaining the vendor-customer as seamless as its connections.
  • Quality Control: Expect a high level of customer service in regards to product performance.

7. Convenience of ready-to-install product.

If you factor these benefits into your production needs against the disadvantages of so-called built-up construction, you will understand why Forged Components and its team of long weld neck nozzle forging experts are the solution for all your flanged nozzle needs.

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