2015 August24

Do Materials Affect Strength and Durability in Long Weld Neck Flanges?

In long weld neck nozzle forging, better materials create a longer lasting stronger ready-to-install product that will be more effective, more resilient and more cost effective. The tendency for the long weld neck flanges to be a lighter structure calls ...

2014 December19

Forged Components Offers Streamlined Productivity in Long Neck Nozzle Forging

As a leading long weld neck flange manufacturer, Forged Components brings an unparalleled level of quality to integrally reinforced standard conditions.Here are a few of the benefits of partnering with Long Neck Flange Manufacturer, Forged Components1. Care to minimize distortion ...

2014 May22

Are One-Piece Integrally Forged Connections Stronger than Multi Piece Components?

Yes. Integrally forged nozzles forged vessel components and long weld neck flanges are significantly stronger because

2014 May6

What Type of Long Weld Connections Does Forge Components Make?

FC has several long weld neck connections, including heavy barrel, intermediate barrel, super barrel and equal barrel. When it comes to long weld neck connection forging FCI shines as the leader in custom cnc machining connections for pressure vessels and ...