How do I Have Forged Components Design My Custom Flanges?

2014 May22

How do I Have Forged Components Design My Custom Flanges?

The first step is to call our sales team. Forged Components is one of the only custom asme pressure vessel connections forging and carbon steel flange manufacturing companies in America and we got to this level by understanding our client’s needs. 

Once our sales department understands your needs, our engineering team will work with your engineering team to obtain the dimensions, specifications and blueprints of the original pressure valve. After the designs are completed and approved, forging begins.

How often have you called other flange or pressure vessel connection companies or a local machine shop to order a special flanged nozzle connection and were told that it would take weeks or even months to complete? Well, that doesn’t happen at Forged Components.

Many custom products have been forged at our facilities. We welcome the opportunity to help customers with forging or machining estimates for custom products. We can even provide designs assistance for no fee if our expertise and design capabilities are applicable. Call Forged Components at (281) 441-4088 to request a quote.

Need help getting started with your next project? Let our experts give you a hand.