Overview of Forged Steel Rings Use and Popularity

2015 November24

Overview of Forged Steel Rings Use and Popularity

Carbon steel is a metal that is iron based. It contains carbon and manganese as well as other kinds of metal. Used in piping applications, pipe fittings and parts that must contain high levels of pressure, carbon steel pipings are popular in the petroleum production industry as well as gas wells and other businesses. Carbon steel is available in four main grades. These grades give diverse and varied levels of impact, hardness, tenacity and strength.

Where Carbon Steel Forgings are Best Used

Carbon steel forgings, or forged steel rings, that are made up of a low amount of the substance are best for use in piping in that they are not so brittle and are more ductile. Medium grade carbon steel is made of higher levels of carbon and manganese and it is designed to be used for products that are high wear and tear. They are also very brittle and can require a special kind of processing when you treat them by heat.

What Makes Forged Steel Rings Popular?

Carbon steel forgings are used in a great many applications, which is what makes them such a popular product. Automotive companies use them, oil and gas, machinery manufacturing and even factory manufacturing makes use of carbon steel It is used to make gears, shafts, railroad components and many other things, including tool and die and machine tools. In addition it is used to create forged steel rings and seamless rolled ring forging that is imperative for energy production.

Meeting Specific Criteria of Clients

The need for carbon steel forgings comes up regularly in any kind of mechanical process. These items are normally designed to meet specific criteria that are laid down by the company who is ordering and made to specification by the company providing it. Make sure that you are specific with your needs so that your carbon steel rolled ring forging is exactly what you need for your undertaking.

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